The Project

WAKE UP YOUR VOCATION is a European initiative within the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program that seeks to reduce the gap between the educational system and the current labour market in order to provide young people aged 12 to 18 with the necessary preparation in terms of employability skills and career guidance, involving public and private entities, educational centres and parents. The project manages to bring together the different parties to analyse the reality of this group in terms of their professional future, to know the available solutions to break this gap and to establish a correct strategy to achieve their integration in the labour market.

It analyses the labour inclusion of young people from different points of view








Public and private entities


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WAKE UP YOUR VOCATION analyses and promotes general and transversal competencies, without focusing on a specific profession or skill. Through the methodology used, students are guided not only in the type of work they can do, but also in the professional profile they want to become.

The innovative nature of this project lies in the methodology developed, since although it is the students who ultimately benefit from it, the initiative is focused on training their teachers, which allows the skills and knowledge acquired to remain in the educational centres as an added value, even long after the group of students being mentored has completed their training and left the centre.

Throughout this project, different activities, workshops and events will be developed, which you can learn more about in the ‘News’ section.




Understanding the vision and expectations of young people, between 12 and 18 years old, their teachers and parents or guardians about the possibilities they have of inclusion in the labour market. To identify what sources of information influence them to make decisions about their career path.


the development of career guidance skills for teachers through an innovative methodology to help students design their academic and training itinerary based on their knowledge.


Promoting collaborative work of young people through the development of intercultural competencies and critical thinking and encourage teachers to form an active working group, assuming their role as part of the engine that will lead to a digital, egalitarian and sustainable Europe in the coming decades.

Raise awareness

Raising awareness among students and their families about the reality of the labour market in Europe, the new skills demanded in digitized sectors and supporting sustainability, as well as the academic or vocational training options available to them. It seeks to promote equal opportunities and inclusion through equality, boosting digitalization and environmental challenges.

Bring together

Bringing students and the private sector closer together to generate a better understanding and connection of their realities and especially in rural areas, where there is a serious lack of information about university degrees.